Weber Pulse 2000


If you live in a city, or you only have very limited outdoor space, you will know how difficult it is to find a high quality barbecue that can reasonably fit in the space available to you. Most portable barbecues operate using charcoal, because this negates the need for a gas bottle, but this also means that outdoor chefs that appreciate the uniform cooking temperatures and reliability of gas cooking struggle to find the perfect barbecue for their needs. There are surprisingly few electric barbecues, but this is something that renowned manufacturer Weber has changed with the introduction of the Weber Pulse electric barbecue range.

These portable barbecues are designed for use on city balconies, or on patios. They plug into the mains electricity, and this not only means that you can enjoy a lot of the benefits you would expect from a reliable delivery of uniform heat, but it also means that you don’t need a gas bottle in order to enjoy these benefits. You can enjoy the best of both worlds – total portability combined with high quality grilling options.

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When does food intertwine with technology? When it’s cooked on Weber’s revolutionary electric barbecue, the Pulse. Ushering in an era of infinite barbecuing possibilities, the Pulse fuses everything you need from a traditional barbecue, with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. And there’s no compromise on the Weber flavour either – a first for electric barbecue cooking. Your family and friends won’t believe their taste buds.

The built-in grease management system automatically funnels grease and debris away from the heating element, allowing for easy clean-up. To deliver further ease of use, the front control panel disconnects for easy access, doubling to provide more efficient storage and protection when your barbecue is not in use. The Pulse’s high lid allows for larger cuts of meat like roasts and whole poultry to be barbecued with ease.


Total cooking area : 49 x 39 cm
Fuel type : Electric
Glass-reinforced nylon handles : 2
Power : 2200 W / 230 V
Meat Probes Included : 2
Probe Capacity : 4


Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills
Cast aluminium lid and body
Integrated iGrill technology / For use with free Weber iGrill app
Dual Zone Barbecuing
Grease Management System
Removable components and front control panel
Power Button with Integrated RCD Safety Function
Integrated clip for safe routing of cord
Electronic temperature control
Digital Thermometer with LED display
Front access grease tray with catch pan
Stainless steel lid handle
Aluminium heat retention liners
Status indicator lights




Lid Open – 77cm H x 70.7cm W x 76cm D
Lid Closed – 39cm H x 70.7cm W x 60cm D