Quinlans has been a Newcastle institution for barbecues and heating products for over 40 years. From free quotes and fast turnarounds on the supply of all of our products to helpful and friendly service, you are always assured of a warm welcome when you visit us. Our specially trained and highly knowledgeable team can advise you concerning any of the barbecues and heaters that we supply.



Whether you need one of our simple BBQs that can sit on the patio or balcony for sizzling your basic steak, sausages, kebabs, and fish, or you need one of our monster BBQs, we can supply it all. From something that will keep the family fed to units that can roast enough for a football team, we have a range of BBQs to suit every need and budget.

Gas Heaters

Here at Quinlan’s Heating & B.B.Q. Centre, we appreciate how winter in Australia can bring out the best in your home, giving you and your family the opportunity to curl up in front of one of our efficient gas heaters and bask in its warmth. Nothing compares to the pleasure of relaxing indoors while reading the latest bestseller with a nice glass of red, or simply enjoying the company of a loved one. Best of all, we have a range of heaters and heater types to defrost even the chilliest of winter nights.

Wood Heaters

Following some of our harsh summers, winter in Australia can turn your home into a warm and cosy haven, especially if you are wise enough to invest in one of our highly efficient wood heating fires. Our range of wood heating fires from Australia’s leading manufacturers is certain to bring out the best in your home, giving you and your family the opportunity to curl up and bask in its warmth.


The barbecues and heaters here at Quinlan’s Heating & B.B.Q. Centre are more than just fuel and flame. The barbecues have gas taps, burners, and ignition systems, while the heaters have glass doors, seals, and firebricks. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and the expertise to keep both barbecues and heaters firing as they should be.

All Major Brands

Local Newcastle Specialists

From a great range of barbecues by Weber, Beefeater, Tucker, and Smeg, to heating and cooling systems, the team here at Quinlan’s Heating & B.B.Q. Centre can supply them all. We carry an extensive range of wood, gas, and electric heating systems from top manufacturers that include Rinnai, Nectre, Coonara, and many others.

Expert Advice

Sales & Service

With a business expertise that spans three generations, you don’t have to look any further than Quinlan’s Heating & B.B.Q. Centre for the best range of heating, and BBQ equipment in the Newcastle area. Customer care, quality products and outstanding service.


All the parts you need

We can provide spares for most brands of heaters and barbecues. Whatever you need, from a new set of tongs or fire tools to a huge range of accessories for both barbecues and heaters, we can help you with them all.