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The quality range of Nectre gas heaters in Newcastle

Our range of Nectre gas heaters offers you a range of decorative or space heating products to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or period-style fire, our range of Nectre gas heaters has you covered. With a broad selection of models to choose from, we are confident that we have the ideal unit for your home.

The model range of Nectre gas heaters includes:

legend gas fireplace

The Legend

The new Legend DV36 gas fire is a completely sealed and direct-vented gas fire.

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gas log fire

The Nectre gas log fire

With just a quick flick of a switch, the electronic ignition will have real flames dancing behind the wide window of your Nectre gas log fire.
View the Nectre gas log fire brochure...
gas flame built in fireplace

The gas flame range

Our Nectre gas flame is designed to be installed into existing or approved fireplaces, making your empty fireplace the focal point of the room once again.
See the gas flame range brochure...
wonderfire fireplace

Wonderfire gas log fire

Our Wonderfire gas log fire looks so real that you could be forgiven for believing the coals or wood logs are burning.

View the Wonderfire brochure...

Grand gas fire

The Grand gas fire will complement any design and fits nicely into an existing traditional fireplace. Alternatively, because it’s powered by gas and needs no hearth, it will enhance the spacious harmony of your modern, contemporary décor.
See the Grand gas fire brochure...
Whatever style of home you have, we are confident that there is a perfect fire for you in our range of Nectre gas heaters.

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